Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cheap Shots #19.

All the crap I didn't get to or couldn't think of anything funny or insightful to write about, other people did ten times better. Read them below.

1) A gargantuan task, indeed, as the Channel 4 News Team's Fearless Leader is looking for your entries to assemble the Douchebaggery Scale. [Awful Announcing]
2) Ladies, Joe Mauer is available, and you could win a date with him. [Babes Love Baseball]
3) In NBC's never ending desperation for programming (House was produced originally by their studio, yet the Peacock heads passed on it and let Fox have another hit), they're going to feature tennis player Mark Phillippousis in a reality dating show. [AOL FanHouse]
4) The suck-ass quality of CBS Sportsline. [Why Don't We Get Drunk And Blog?]
5) Larry hadn't seen the ESPN awfulness that is Madden Nation before now, and it's made him fairly ill. [Larry Brown Sports]
6) Evander Holyfield clearly had his brain beaten out of him, because he wants to fight again. [Rumors and Rants]
7) Hey, Shakira's hips take precedence over soccer for me too, and I LIKE the sport. [The Beautiful Game]
8) Five good questions with a Brewer beat writer. (Really, keep checking Stiles for these interview series. They get better and better.) [Stiles Points]
9) The booze bans in some MLB clubhouses are knee-jerk BS. [The Hater Nation]
10) Planning on heading to China for the Olympics next year? Prepare to shell out some serious yuan for the bottled water. [Lion in Oil]
11) One college hoops junkie is calling this year's NBA playoffs more exciting. [Just Call Me Juice]
12) A fly on the wall catches Peyton Manning's brush with royalty. [Shot to Nothing]
13) There's a Sports Blog Formula? Possibly. [The Starting Five]

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