Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Stealing Signals: Penny Lane.

Dodgers 6, Marlins 1 - Brad Penny goes atomic on the Fish, striking out 14 and allowing five baserunners in seven innings of work. He even helped himself with a two-RBI single. The Marlins' sole run came off a Dan Uggla homer against the Dodger pen.

Giants 9, Mets 4 - Sigh. I get either Good Oliver or Bad Oliver, and tonight, I got only bad from Oliver Perez, who coughed up nine in the fifth inning, including two homers to Giant catcher Bengie Molina. Jesus, Oliver. At least give up two homers in an inning to Barry or something. Errors from Shawn Green and Damion Easley (filling in for Jose Valentin) didn't help.

Rockies 3, Cardinals 2 - More proof your team is having a hard-luck season: the walk-off play against you is not a home run, not even a hit. Tyler Johnson gave up a bases loaded walk to Brad Hawpe to end the game.

Mariners 3, Yankees 2 - The Yankees got screwed on a stolen base call when the M's Willie Bloomquist had been out by a country mile, but it's not like that forced Mariano Rivera to give up a game-winning HR to Adrian Beltre.

Padres 4, Braves 2 - Chris Young strikes out eight Braves in six innings, breaking a bad streak against Atlanta with two runs and two hits given up.

Indians 10, Orioles 1
- The Tribe went batty in the seventh with a four-run inning, and Travis Hafner then put it way out of reach with a grand slam in the eighth inning. Fausto Carmona gave up only one run in a semi-duel with Steve Trachsel, but Carmona wound up getting the win, as the O's bullpen collapsed after Trachsel left the game.

(Photo: AP/Wilfredo Lee)

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Hallux Valgus said...

not mentioned- Brad Penny struck out 14 while throwing about 5 total breaking balls. The fastball was wicked.