Wednesday, May 02, 2007

NBA Playoff Impressions: Never Say Die.

Mavericks 118, Warriors 112 - Avery's little outburst must have worked, as the Warriors had this game in the fourth quarter and up by nine, but the Mavericks decided that this game belonged to them, and acted appropriately, much like any team should when it's up against the wall. Do we call this a momentum shift? Possibly. Let's see how the Mavs come out when facing another Oakland crowd in Game Six, but for right now, you can't accuse them of not having the will to play like any 68-win team ought to. Dirk finally cracked the 30-point barrier, scoring 12 points during a 15-0 run in the last three minutes. You know, that's what MVP candidates have to do. Now let's see him do it again, and then in Game 7 after that, and we can talk MVP.

Raptors 98, Nets 96
- This series totally could have gone seven before tonight. That's how these teams are. The Nets are utterly dependent upon the play of Kidd, Carter, and Jefferson, and the Raptors need Bosh and Jose Calderon, along with T.J. Ford. Problem is, tonight's game cost the Raptors both Ford and Calderon; Ford left in the first and Calderon pumped in 25 points in his absence. Hopefully they're ready for the next game in Jersey, because if not, this series ends in East Rutherford.

(Photo: AP)

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