Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Guess The Panthers Won't Be Throwing Him The Damn Ball.

The Charlotte Observer, at this time, just has a breaking news headline on their front page regarding the release of WR Keyshawn Johnson today, with no real details yet.

Keyshawn was one of the highlights of ESPN's draft coverage last weekend, and probably ought to seek a broadcast role soon should he decide to hang it up, but that's not the reason I bring up the draft coverage. If you watched last weekend, I'm sure some of you saw Johnson interview Dwayne Jarrett after the Panthers picked him in the second round, and it looked uncomfortable. Jarrett was mumbling about how happy he was to be there, and Keyshawn ably filled the holes by talking about how he was going to mentor his fellow USC alum, teach him how to play in the League, while everyone else on ESPN's coverage had a look on their faces that screamed, "AWK-WARD."

Guess he won't get that chance. Wonder if the Panthers brass filled Jarrett in on that actually happening, like, "Are you ready to start alongside Steve Smith?" Doubt it, but that Johnson-Jarrett convo now joins the Awkward Hall of Fame.


Mysterious said...

Teams certainly could use him. He shouldn't have trouble finding a job.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i'd take keyshawn on the niners. as for that interview, yeah, awkward is about the only word to describe it.

Signal to Noise said...

Niners could use him, Vikings could certainly use him, he will be employed. The question is whether he wants to go through that whole mess again. That's quite a few teams in the past few years since he left the Jets.

Sanchez said...

Shit, I think the Phins could use him as well!