Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stealing Signals: A Baker's Dozen Left.

Giants 5, Rockies 3
- 12 more blasts until every sportswriter in the country gets really uncomfortable, starts rambling about the sanctity of the game, and gets caught up in hyperbole yet again to describe just how awful the whole mess is. 12 more until Bud Selig and Hank Aaron say they're not going to attend for the 13th after this one. 12 more opportunities for baseball to sweep its own complicity under the rug. Bonds also chipped in a two-run single in the eighth with the bases loaded to win it, by the way.

Red Sox 6, Athletics 4 - Josh Beckett catches Roger Clemens in one category: he's the first BoSox pitcher since Clemens to start 6-0, and Babe Ruth's 8-0 (shared with two others) is next. Bad loss in the game for both teams -- Mike Lowell and Mike Piazza crashed into each other at third, and both had to leave the game.

Brewers 4, Cardinals 0
- My picks on the NL Central are looking really shitty right now. St. Louis has lost five in a row and is in the cellar, and the Brew Crew are in first place. Tough going for Anthony Reyes, who went eight innings but gave up four runs, and had no help from his offense.

Dodgers 2, Diamondbacks 1
- Mark Hendrickson wants a starting spot back kinda bad, don't you think? He pitched six innings of shutout ball, and RBI singles by Juan Pierre and Andre Ethier gave him enough to win.

Mets 6, Marlins 3 - Which Oliver Perez do I get for my fantasy team (and my favorite team) this year? It looks like the one that can win games, at least so far. RBIs for the Mets came from Beltran, Wright, Reyes, and two from Endy Chavez.

Indians 7, Blue Jays 6
- Y'know, sometimes the shift just doesn't work. Ask the Jays, who pulled it on Travis Hafner in the 11th inning, and watched him hit the slowest of dribblers to left field, which was far enough, with the left fielder running in, to allow David Dellucci to score.

(Photo credit: AP/Jeff Chiu)

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One More Dying Quail said...

The perfect ending to this saga...

Bonds gets to 753 around late June. In the next game, he hits three homers, the third of which (number 756) shatters a light tower in right field. As Bonds circles the bases, sparks raining down all around, Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon leap out of the stands and run alongside.

As Barry reaches home plate, he hears a voice. It's Ray Liotta: "If you hit it, HE will come." He looks to the outfield, where an ethereal Bobby Bonds has appeared. They play catch as the scene fades to black. America chokes back tears.

The next day, Bonds retires. The Giants deduct the cost of the light tower from his paycheck. Drew and Jimmy are freed on bail. Bobby Bonds goes back to the other side. Life goes on.

I fully expect all of this to happen.