Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cheap Shots #17.

Special "I Cracked 50K Visits!" edition:

1) "Mr. Van Pelt, this is the Federal Communications Commission." [Larry Brown Sports]
2) Academic Progress Rate? Annual Pipsqueak Reaming describes the NCAA's "academic" report better. [EDSBS and Journo Rock]
3) Who knew there was an NFL in the UK? [Extrapolater]
4) Greg Olson, worse than Imus? Downfall of the Bears? Windy City sports columnists need to breathe a little. [Foul Balls]
5) Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid discuss the Eagles' draft strategy. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
6) I still can't care about boxing, but this isn't a bad way to get me to try to give a crap about De La Hoya/Mayweather on Saturday. [Rumors and Rants]
7) If technology has improved the way we watch sports, why aren't the leagues using it to ensure the right calls in the actual game? [The Starting Five]
8) All the Kentucky Derby preps you need are over at Stiles' place, and here's one entry for a sample, you degenerate gamblers, you. [Stiles Points]
9) Wait, so you take the ball used for an unassisted triple play and throw it into the stands? Troy Tulowitzki has my permission to beat Todd Helton six ways to Sunday. [Our Book of Scrap].
10. Amazing. Adam makes observing Seahawk cheerleader tryouts boring, as if that were possible. Still a good read. [The Big Picture]
11. "Stu, seriously. Just put this ballgag in your mouth when you're not hosting SportsCenter. It's for your own good. If the gag's too much, we'll use duct tape, OK?" [Awful Announcing]

(Tangent: I swear Skip Bayless is in love with his own cliches. I think he slams KG and AI just so he can say "Kevin Gar-NOTT" and "Allen Me Myself and Iverson" repeatedly. He's like the bad cop version of Berman.)


Newspaper Hack said...

I agree about Bayless. I try to watch Mike and Mike during my lucid moments in the morning (despite Greenberg's aggressive ignorance of Southern football culture) and leave the tepid Cold Pizza on as I get ready for work. His contrived anger and bad turns of phrase definitely put a bad start to the day.

Signal to Noise said...

I wonder if he has the make-up lady emphasize the vein that pops up in his forehead.

The Almighty Ajax said...

Moreover, the entire Chicago sports commentariat maintains a stubborn silence about the real problem with Olsen, which is that he is clearly Brett Favre wearing a bad hockey-hair wig.

When will we get to the issues of true importance, people?!

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