Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Checking In With Soccer.

I love watching during the World Cup, and I've tried to make a conscientious effort to watch the EPL during the season, getting up early on Saturdays to catch games when they play live on Fox Soccer Channel (at an awful 8 AM on Saturday, ouch!) So, I'm especially happy when ESPN2 picks up the Champions' League and such, because it means I get to watch at a reasonable hour.

While I haven't really selected a team (personal favorites to watch are Liverpool and Arsenal, although damn near most of the bloggers I read that acknowledge soccer are big Gunners) and thus, have no real rooting interest, yesterday's Liverpool-Chelsea match was a great watch for me -- plus, I'd forgotten the whole "aggregate" bit of the semi-finals, where it seems you play two matches, add up the scores, and then take the total. It means Liv and Chelski came down to penalty kicks yesterday, and while everyone (including uneducated yours truly) thought Chelsea had it when it went to kicks, the rest of us were pleasantly surprised, as Liverpool knocked them off.

Now, Man U. wants to make the Champions' League final an all-Brit affair, and they're taking on AC Milan in about a half hour (on ESPN2). Player-haters won't get the ultimate satisfaction this time of watching Man U. and Chelski and wanting the stadium bombed, but Man U. and Liverpool could still be a fun match (although Barcelona and Arsenal in last year's champs was great to watch.)

(Unrelated tangent: God, I hate CNN -- a headline they just put up on TV: "Glenn Beck thinks global warming is fake. We'll speak with him on why everyone's giving in to fear, in the CNN Newsroom!" Fuck Glenn Beck, what cred does he have to be pimped as a global warming skeptic -- oh wait, he's on your sister station!)

UPDATE: Nice way not to play defense, Red Devils -- that game was over before frickin' halftime!


king of the herculoids said...

Liverpool/Man U is going to be a great game...solid match from two of the top teams in the EPL. Thank God Chelsea and that damned Mourinho didn't win it.

Pacifist Viking said...

Hey, I was flipping channels the other night, and I came across Jerry Falwell, who is (and I can't emphasize this enough) THE FOUNDER OF AN ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY, speaking on "The Myth of Global Warming." If THE FOUNDER OF AN ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY is challenging global warming as a myth, well....let's just say I'm not sure I want to discuss climate change with Samkon Gado.

Signal to Noise said...

King - fucking Man U.'s lack of defense. That wasn't even close today.

PV - the bar has gone very, very low. Jerry Falwell talking about global warming is like me trying to opine on religion.

mookie said...

Man U has got some inconsistencies in the back line. Their defenders just aren't cutting it. Why do you think Man United always has to come back from a 2 goal deficit? (Like last week.)

I'll make my prediction right now,

AC Milan 3 Liverpool 1

Pacifist Viking said...

Man, Liberty University. What scares me is that as Falwell is talking about why global warming is a myth, the student body is all there nodding along.

When Samkon Gado came out of nowhere with the Packers, I was thinking, "Well, this is a nice story," and then all of the sudden it was "What? He went...where? Liberty? Jerry Falwell's school?" Now I can't even look at Gado without thinking about Falwell's craziness.

Run Up The Score! said...

First, I could always use more blogger support for Liverpool. I'm recently on the bandwagon, but I'm on for good.

Second, the retards from infinity-tier religions law schools like Regent University have infested the Justice Department during Bush's tenure. I'm more scared of them than anyone from Liberty, as I'll take Jerry Falwell's brand of crazies over Pat Robertson's brand of crazies any day.