Monday, May 07, 2007

Cheap Shots #18.

No inspiration, plus I woke up late. Mondays are never good for the A-game.

1) Summing up some extra vitriol for Mr. Clemens. [Babes Love Baseball]
2) T-Mac's taking that playoff loss hard. [Leave the Man Alone]
3) The Royals often put up a lot of bagels on the scoreboard, but Panera Bread didn't think they'd put up 13 or more hits, and are now paying for it. [Our Book of Scrap]
4) More piling on Brady Quinn. [WBRS Sports Blog]
5) A Clippers sideline reporter and her double entendre, captured on YouTube. [With Leather]
6) So soccer doesn't bring the faith leaders together like it used to, huh? [Seal Clubbers]
7) Georgetown, pay JT3 his money. [FanHouse]
8) I thought they sent all the busted memorabilia to Africa. Guess not. [EDSBS]
9) Running down Saturday's fight (which I saw most of, the party I went to had coughed up for it.) [Rumors and Rants]
10) We start with Clemens and end with him, as the Ladies have found his ego-pumping appearance yesterday at Yankee Stadium on video. [Ladies...]