Tuesday, May 08, 2007

NBA Playoff Impressions: Sweet and Lowdown.

Jazz 116, Warriors 112 - This may shape up to be just as good a series as Spurs-Suns. I thought both of them would go seven, but I didn't think both teams would be cracking triple digits in game one of this series easy. Be happy if you bet the over. As I feared, the Warriors may not have the presence to deal with Carlos Boozer pounding the boards inside; while he only had 17 points tonight, his 20 rebounds were much more important. Deron Williams threw in 31 points, besting Boom Dizzle (I'm stealing this nickname for Baron Davis from Golden State of Mind; hope they don't mind) in their first matchup. The Warriors need to get their split in the next game.

Pistons 108, Bulls 87 - I thought this series was supposed to be competitive. Did the Bulls just blow their wad on beating an old Miami team or are the Pistons that good? Clearly, the Pistons are the class of the Eastern Conference, but I didn't think they were "beat every opponent by double digits damn near every night" good.

(Photo: AP/Jeff Chiu)


Sanchez said...

I think that Utah game was a bit deceptive pace wise. I can't see them matching that speed every game.

Signal to Noise said...

Deron Williams said as much in the post-game presser. I think they'll be forced to play at Golden State's speed though; they're adept enough to play at it.