Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stealing Signals: Walk It Off.

Braves 5, Phillies 2- Tim Hudson and Jon Lieber went for the old fashioned pitchers' duel, both allowing two runs in eight and seven innings respectively, and then the Braves' Andruw Jones accounts for the rest with one swing in the bottom of the ninth. Hudson still has not lost this year, despite missing on the chance to go 4-0.

Marlins 9, Mets 6 - Nothing worse than hearing these words as a Met fan, after the constant concern about starting pitching: "Chan Ho Park will be starting tonight." With El Duque on the DL, Park got dinked, dunked, and bombed all the way during his start, allowing seven runs in four innings.

Angels 3, Royals 1 - John Lackey accepts the lack of run support and gives up only one run to the Royals in 6.1 innings. Vlad the Impaler doubles in two runs, and Chone Figgins brings in the other, fresh off the DL.

Blue Jays 6, Rangers 1 - Does any pitcher work faster than Roy Halladay? If he's on, you can probably expect to be home in under three hours after the first pitch. His second complete game of the season took only 2 hours and 2 minutes. Sammy Sosa drove in Kenny Lofton for the Rangers' sole run.

Tigers 8, Orioles 4 - Gary Sheffield and Daniel Cabrera had to be separated after Cabrera started jawing at Tigers manager Jim Leyland. Sheffield then separated Cabrera's pitch from the stadium moments later in the fifth. Jeremy Bonderman wins in his first decision of the season.

Brewers 7, Cardinals 1
- A day after the death of Josh Hancock, the Cardinals probably weren't terribly ready to return to the field. Kip Wells coughed up seven runs and got caught balking, and Jeff Suppan shut his old team down. Tony La Russa is still on his media boycott, advising the players to be weary of media with "their own agendas."

(Photo: AP/John Bazemore)


La Rev said...

That picture of Andruw Jones is just not fair. Who can hit a ball like that?

Signal to Noise said...

La Rev - the pictures of some hitters in their stances after jacking homers are great. It's like the awful faces made post-coitus! (somehow, maybe that's a reach, it just sounded good in my head.)