Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blah Blah Steroid Investigation.

(Apologies to Babes Love Baseball for borrowing their usual title for steroid-related stuff.)

Former Senator George Mitchell's steroid investigation keeps chugging along at the slowest of speeds. Investigators have asked the Baltimore Orioles to send records to players such as Jason Grimsley, David Segui, Fernando Tatis, and oh yeah, these two guys on the left, and ask for them to authorize the release of those records to the investigators, which we all know they won't do.

The investigation is basically a limp-dicked attempt by MLB to try to get to what it believes is still the heart of the problem: rooting out the individual players. However, the whole manner runs up against privacy matters, and never mind the MLBPA's rabid defense of its membership (despite the subject matter, the NFLPA could learn a bit of a lesson in how a union is supposed to represent its members.) With all that in mind, Mitchell's investigation, for now, remains fairly useless, because he has no subpoena power at all. Expect Congress to get involved yet again for another Gross Spectacle when Mitchell hits the wall we all see coming.

Sosa and Palmeiro Cited in Steroid Investigation [New York Times]

(Photo: Baltimore Sun/Lloyd Fox)


Larry Brown said...

Limp-dicked attempt? Niiice. I think getting the individual players might not be the right way to go. What about the dealers? Like Eric Byrnes said, you go after the crack dealer or the crack whores?

Signal to Noise said...

Supposedly, they're trying that. I'll believe it when Radomski (the Mets trainer) is put through the wringer. Part of his plea bargain implies he has to cooperate with investigations, and that may include Mitchell's.