Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hopefully The Old Problems Aren't Back Again.

I take no particular joy or fun in noting the personal problems of players from the old days. who, save a run-in with the law over drug laws that I think are stupid, would probably be in the Hall of Fame (baseball writers tend to hold off-the-field stuff unrelated to gambling harder than most other sportswriters, I've gathered.)

(Goddamn, I gotta stop writing these entries early in the AM before bed. I'm misreading shit like he wasn't a Hall of Famer.)

SF Giants great Orlando Cepeda did five years in prison in the late Seventies on pot smuggling charges. He's in trouble over drugs again, as a CHP officer pulled him over, found marijuana and a substance that looked like either cocaine or methamphetamine. The irony: he's a community liaison for the team, speaking to kids about the dangers of drugs.

"He does not use, and was not under the influence of, any illegal substance," [attorney Ted] Cassman said late Wednesday in a telephone interview. "This is an unfortunate misunderstanding, and we intend to meet promptly with the authorities to explain that Orlando was not responsible for any illegal substance in the car."

Cassman said the marijuana was medical marijuana used by a family member who has diabetes. Asked about the white powder, Cassman said he had no specific comment.

"It follows within the statement that he wasn't responsible for any illegal substance in the car," he added.

I hope that's the case.

(Photo: AP/Kathy Willens)

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