Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cheap Shots #20.

1) It's not a presidential campaign without a candidate fucking up a sports analogy. [Deadspin]
2) Reenacting Jose Canseco's bar fight. [You Been Blinded]
3) An interview with Spencer Haywood, the NBA's Curt Flood. [The Starting Five]
4) Making a case for instant replay in MLB. [The Sports Flow]
5) Charles Barkley, speaking on things not basketball. He reads like Jason Whitlock, except it seems he doesn't hate black people. [The New Republic - free registration required]
6) Speaking of Whitlock, Wizards center Etan Thomas writes him an open letter. [TrueHoop]
7) Capitals fans, and most fans in general, should heed the word of the Nats owner when it comes to picking up big free agents. [Off Wing Opinion]
8) Catching up with Mo Vaughn. [The Feed]
9) Josh Beckett, fulfilling his Tremendous Upside Potential? [And Here Come The Pretzels!]
10) Shameless Commerce Division: Phoenix Suns sell a T-shirt with a #13 band aid design. [SportsByBrooks]

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