Tuesday, October 17, 2006

not quite Jim Mora's "PLAYOFFS!" bit, but still...

...one of the most epic press conference breakdowns in sports, period.

I was watching with my buddy Owen next door over pizza, and we kept waiting for the Cardinals to fuck it up, even after Devin Hester's punt return for the TD (more fantasy points!), because Leinart was slingin' it so well that the only way Arizona could lose was if the ball wasn't in his hands.

Green then called rush plays on second and third down on that final drive, as if he was just dying to play for a field goal rather than go for end zone with 45 seconds left and a couple timeouts. The Edge, predictably, gained no yards on those two carries, and you know what happened after that.

Denny Green coaches mediocre teams for a living. He never got the Vikings out of the first round, and despite the Cardinals being the most hapless franchise in sports, they're not going to get better until they hire a coach who actually knows what he's doing.

Any Green-coached player should not be a "no-cut" in fantasy football, but Yahoo leagues list Edge as a no-cut. I couldn't get jack shit for him in a trade if my life depended on it. Thank you very fucking much, Denny.

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