Saturday, October 07, 2006

let the A-Rod trade rumors begin!

It's 4-zip Yankees in the 4th, as Torre's pulled the pitcher, and the announcers are already slurping Rodriguez even though he's 1 for 12 in the series and has already made a throwing error. Meanwhile, the Bronx as a whole is screaming for him to be ditched like the whiny little brat he is.

Yes, the man gets a raw deal on an everyday basis from Yankee fans, but what did he think he was getting into when he accepted a trade there?

As an aside, my dad is calling every 15 minutes, and loving every minute of watching them go down in flames, expressing the oft-common sentiment among the Yankee-hatin' faithful, "I want to see Steinbrenner blow his top and suffer again."

Update: Yanks lose 8-3. Congrats, Detroit. Bonfires and looting are soon to commence near 8 Mile Road -- maybe someone will get smart and throw Matt Millen into the blaze while they're at it.

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