Thursday, October 12, 2006

going ESPN-free today.

And it's all Cory Lidle's goddamned fault for having to crash his plane into an NYC high-rise, giving us nothing resembling highlights on ESPN and everything for tributes to a journeyman pitcher.

The confluence of a non-NFL day combined with NBA preseason and a rainout on the first game of the NLCS (let's go Mets!) was going to make for a shitty SportsCenter, so they decided to go for a shittier one when they found out Lidle was in the plane. Even worse, he had to do it in New York and kill other people, meaning it crossed over into the day job for yours truly.

The best take (and a Deadspin-approved one, is here at at the Dugout.

(Tangent: How did Jeff Weaver become a pitcher in StL who could shut out hitters for five innings? Expect an NL-AL pitching post soon.)

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