Sunday, October 15, 2006

just another day at the U.

The best part really isn't the brawl itself so much as the color commentator, who has to be a Miami alum, spouting off shit about "you come into the OB, you're gonna get your ass beat."

Most Florida International players wanted to go to the U., but they're not quick enough to make that one last move or cutback: the real fast one that gets you from assault to probation overnight.

Miami should be ashamed of itself (not necessarily for the brawl, though, although the sanctimonious fucks on ESPN would have you think otherwise). Usually, bad behavior isn't the highlight of a season, but given the U.'s sorry record, this is all they've got this year with 2 losses already in the books, and the cheering by the fans proves it. If anything was shocking about the brawl, it was the U.'s fans showing they're just as classy as the football program by goading this mess on.

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