Saturday, October 28, 2006

accidental entertainment.

Through no fault of my own, I usually find myself awake to catch College Gameday on ESPN, and no matter my state, whether hung over or super sober, it's become hilarious, because the students in the background keep upping the ante on the sick factor on the signs in the background for a show done live from a game site. Most of them make fun of Lee Corso, which is really like blowing the barrel of fish up with dynamite.

Seen on today's Gameday in town for the Tennessee vs. South Carolina game:

1. "Corso is Game 4 Cocks"
2. "I used to date a girl from Tennessee, but she left me for her brother."

You get the idea. Deadspin obtained a picture of one particularly filthy sign from today's show, and if you're better off not knowing what a merkin is, don't click on the link.

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