Friday, December 08, 2006

if you had AI in your superstar trade demand pool... win, as the Answer beat Kevin Garnett to the punch in the saga of whom would demand to be shipped out by their respective team first. Said rumors were confirmed by the Sixers owner in a sideline interview regarding why Iverson wasn't at the game tonight.

Ironically, Jim Gray said on the sidelines that AI wants to head to Minnesota -- can you imagine AI and KG? Yes, yes I can, and only because Sixers GM Billy King is dumb enough to accept very little in return to pull it off. Seriously, the only reason Billy King has a job and is not ridiculed all across the NBA on a daily basis is because Isiah Thomas is still gainfully employed.

After the interview with the Sixers owner, Mike Green and Hubie Brown did nothing save talk about AI's trade demand the whole game -- not like they had a choice; Gilbert Arenas made a mockery of the Sixers and the Wizards won 113-96, despite wearing some absolutely hideous uniforms.

I actually feel some sympathy for the Philly sports fan right now -- franchise QB is out with an ACL tear while he was having an absolutely dominant season with no help; the Phillies had to be in a division with the absolutely destructive Mets, who will be winning it for the next few years; the Flyers stink so much they fired their Stanley Cup-winning coach after eight games. Now this. Maybe the stereotype of Philadelphia sports fans being surly and nasty exists for a reason.

Oh, and enjoy the classic AI presser on practice, which, of course, is wedged snugly between Jim Mora's "PLAYOFFS?!?" rant and Denny Green's meltdown earlier this season as the Holy Trinity of press conference rants.

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