Sunday, December 31, 2006

the hot new buzz band.

That's it. I've had it.

After today's OT loss at the hands of THE FUCKING NINERS, I've finally been hit by the need to start a band again after years of writers' block and the inability to find like-minded people. I think it will be very easy to find members, and we will be hitting the personal stereos of sports fans from coast to coast soon.

It's a simple concept, borrowed from the Dead Schembechlers, who are no longer with us after their inspiration's untimely death just before the big game a few weeks back. All members will dress in tracksuits (we'll see if we have enough funds to order with silver lining; hopefully I can find someone rich to play bass) and wear sunglasses, much like the man at left who embodies the epitome of someone most likely to utter the words that shall be our band name.

And that name is:


Watch for our EP Where's Your Horseface Now? to hit around the 2007 NFL pre-season, complete with the soon-to-be-hit-singles "Rat Fink," "Tailback Factory Malfunction," and the epic jam "Napalm Invesco."

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