Thursday, December 07, 2006

go on, take the money and run.

Yes, Cubs fans, your insane GM gave this guy $10 million a year.

The most entertaining part of baseball for me is the comical way in which general managers will absolutely destroy money in the off-season despite analysis by every sports journalist under the sun that the free-agent class leaves much to be desired.

I mean, if the Yankees' big move is trading Gary Sheffield to the Tigers for minor league prospects, you have to assume the free agents on the markets are stinkers, with the exceptions of Barry Zito, who's in limbo while his agent holds the Red Sox hostage over the Great Japanese Hype, and Jason Schmidt, who just inked with the Dodgers (if you need any more proof that the NL West earns its nickname of "Worst", I have watched several ESPN analysts claim that this will swing the division to the Dodgers.)

Wait, excuse me for thinking the Yankees were acting sane -- they're talking to Andy Pettitte about coming back.

Here's a brief bit on the Cubs' profligate off-season by noting they signed middling hack lefty Ted Lilly to a $10M a year deal -- after they landed Alfonso Soriano for $17M/ann for eight years and resigning third baseman Aramis Ramirez for what amounts to $15M a year. Lilly will be a better pitcher in the NL -- most AL transplants lately have been, but how much better remains to be seen.

The WWL ran down the winter meetings, with a general idea of what's happened so far in the "stupid decisions" market. By far, the dumbest move has been on the Angels signing Gary Matthews, Jr. for $10 million a year for five when the guy hits .263 for a career. One good year gets you $10 million for the next five, and you displace a perfectly good CF and leadoff hitter like Chone Figgins to third base, where you need a power bat.

You know shit is nuts if the fucking Royals are inking pitchers for stupid amounts of cash.

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