Thursday, December 21, 2006

no Sexy Rexy for the ladies of Hawai'i.

One Rex Grossman did not make the Pro Bowl for the NFC at the QB position, and one Chi-town columnist is NOT pleased, especially because Tony Romo's going. I understand the homerdom and I get the argument, but here is what every argument for Grossman forgets in spite of the gaudy numbers on offense: THE MAN HAS FIVE GAMES WITH AT LEAST THREE TURNOVERS HE'S PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR.

Although I'll give dude this -- Marc Bulger shouldn't be on that team. Your team is 7-7 and craps the bed for four straight losses, you shouldn't be going to the Pro Bowl as a QB.


The Almighty Ajax said...

I'm forced to agree. Other than Drew Brees, none of the NFC quarterbacks have really played Pro Bowl football this year.

Romo's only played eight games, and he's throwing to Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens (who leads the league in drops, and was deservedly snubbed for the Pro Bowl too) who can make anybody look good. Grossman scored lots of TDs, throwing to wide-outs and TEs who were mostly under the radar, but was too inconsistent. Bulger took a 4-1 team to 4-5 -- and this was in the sucktastic NFC West, where the top team still has only 9 wins and hasn't clinched yet.

If it were up to me, the NFC would've sent Brees and McNabb as an alternate (it's not like alternates ever get hurt in the Pro Bowl) and that's it.

The Almighty Ajax said...

It was amusing that Chicago came within one position of sweeping the NFC special teams selections, though -- if Brad Maynard had had a season like he did in 2001, he would've been a lock.

C. said...

Frankly, I say Alex Smith of the Niners ought to go. Sucked it up the first few games (especially when getting blown out by said Bears), but has seriously picked it up lately, but so much of that may just be having the Gore Beast in his backfield.