Sunday, December 31, 2006

our own ad report card.

Because Slate's Seth Stevenson sometimes misses a really bad one in his column, we shall take a shot at one that has come up during the sports viewing over the past couple months:

Dick pill ads are ubiquitous during the viewing time, as my TV is usually on cable news or sports (both of which supposedly attract a large quantity of middle-aged men). Unfortunately, YouTube has failed me today in trying to find this ad online, but you've all seen the one with the dude watching a baseball game while his wife walks by, inviting him non-verbally to knock some boots in the other room. Guy struggles with the decision, notes VCR, puts tape in, dumb little blue horns pop up over his head.

It's fairly straightforward, but it's bad for three reasons:

1) Videotaping a baseball game? It's called a TiVo, people.
2) The actress in said commercial is a stone cold fox, especially if she's supposed to be playing late 30s-early 40s. Like you'd have to hesitate.
3) If you have a very understanding partner, then there's no need to leave the couch. There are positions uniquely suited to the situation. And don't be selfish; reciprocate -- you only need to hear the game, really. Ideally, there are several instances where both of you can watch.


Frankly, GlaxoSmithKline should have gone with this ad they rejected.

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