Sunday, December 10, 2006

everyone knows "those fans."

You may have noticed those awful Fathead things the NFL tries to sell to die-hards to put on their walls. I commented on another site that Fathead owners are symptomatic of "those fans" -- specifically, the die hard that has few interests in things non-NFL related; you may have run into this person at your local sports bar, at the stadium, or accidentally invited him/her over to watch the game.

(No, I am not commenting on the Donkey secondary getting destroyed by the Apostle Philip and being the team that Fantasy Jesus got his touchdown record on. It hurts.)

"That fan" does several things that are a clear warning to stay away (outside of buying Fatheads):
1) Owns non-clothing related items purchased from the NFL Shop
2) Goes to freezing-weather games in less than optimal clothing (like these two douchebags above; the Broncos fan I never want to hang with is that old loser who goes to every game in a fucking barrel)
3) Yells in celebration for his/her team getting a first down, every time.
4) Face painters.
5) Owns the customized jersey with their last name on it (have some inventiveness; do like the Atlanta fan who got a Vick jersey that said "Herpes" on the nameplate.)
6) Taunts everyone else in the bar when their team scores.

These fans also inflict the stupid upon the next generation, as so clearly displayed by this Raider fan:

Won't someone please think of the children?

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