Saturday, November 04, 2006

which sport has the best athletes?

The NBA season is underway, and although many of my L.A.-based friends are dedicated NBA junkies (when you have no pro football, this is what happens), I am on record as not giving a shit about super-tall people dribbling and passing until the NFL season is over. However, basketball players have always come in second on my list of "most athletic" when it comes to pro sports. This wholly uneducated opinion knocks football down to three just slightly because of the non-skill positions (while playing the O-line takes strength and some athleticism in blocking, it doesn't quite add.) So, to rank the four major sports, it goes:

1. Hockey
2. Basketball
3. Football
4. Baseball

Laugh all you want, but guys who have to handle a small object with a stick while getting bashed into the boards and skating win the prize to me. Baseball has its own super athletes -- trying to hit a baseball coming at you at 90+ mph is probably the toughest task in sports.

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