Thursday, November 16, 2006

judgement day my ass.

There's a big college football game going on this week. I'm sure you've heard about it if you ventured anywhere near ESPN the past few days. It's so big that people who normally would have no business talking about anything college football-related (like me, but like that stops me anyway) are going on about it.

Frankly, every year one game gets the "game of the century" or some such treatment, and it's a bunch of bullshit, fraudulent hype. I happen to remember a little game in Pasadena last January that caused me a bunch of traffic problems, and, oh yeah, also managed to be a damn fine football contest, with two apparently undefeated teams going down to the wire for the championship. I don't expect Michigan-OSU to be that good, although it is a "must watch" game, always.

I'm actually more interested in jumping on the Rutgers bandwagon; however, knowing that the Michigan-OSU game will be called by Brent Musberger will keep me (and most of the other sickos that also participate in Deadspin's Hugh Johnson Project every Saturday) amused to no end.

Update, Friday, 11/17 -- Bo Schembechler died this morning; it's not really quite so funny any more.

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