Sunday, November 19, 2006

the new publishing gold mine.

By now, everyone has heard of and been shocked by O.J. Simpson's book and impending T.V. interview where he hints and hints, ever so slightly, that he actually committed the murders of his ex-wife and her friend that he was acquitted of, and apparently is making a nice chunk of change off of it.

It just so happened that the old LJ friends page showed me the way, courtesy of a friend in L.A.: this is simply the new trend in publishing circles, and given the recent scandalous behavior of many public figures, this is money, people.

I make a point of not watching Fox programming if it isn't sports-related or Family Guy, so skipping O.J. isn't an issue. But, I can't wait for the specials and books for these two below:

1) Okay, So Maybe I Snorted an Eight-Ball and Had Relations with the Male Hooker, by Pastor Ted Haggard.
2) If I Wanted to Fondle Pages, Here's How it Would've Gone Down, by Rep. Mark Foley.

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