Saturday, November 25, 2006

Booty penetrates the Irish defense.

What's funny is that SC beat the Golden Domers despite the fact that the talent level playing in Coliseum is less than the three Heisman candidates packing the Trojan skill positions last year. The Porn-Star in Training threw four TDs, three of them to bound-for-the-1st-round-of-the-draft Dwayne Jarrett, and the Trojan linebackers and secondary made mincemeat of any hopes Brady Quinn had of lifting the Hesiman Trophy from Troy Smith. Quinn goes 0-4 against SC for his career, and he's likely headed for more miserable experiences in California, because the Raiders are looking for a quarterback.

Also, a superfluous link to the page of the SC cheerleader squad, angels in tight sweaters, making me kick myself for attending a Div. III school and then deciding not to take SC up on that grad school thing.

Florida continues to win like they want to lose, and I think they will lose to Arkansas next week -- most of the SEC lately plays like "Which team wants to lose more?"

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