Thursday, November 16, 2006

there is no humor in this.

There is nothing, I repeat, absolutely nothing funny that can be drawn from going to prison. The filmmakers behind this obvious piece of crap should be drawn and quartered, despite the director being part of the wonderful Mr. Show and the screenwriters both coming from the sublime Reno 911.

The trailer for said flick implies all sorts of personal violations and plays them up for laughs. Anal sex should never be played for laughs. It is a serious act. Even bringing it up in the course of a relationship can sometimes be justification for being thrown out of bed and/or dumped, never mind the imprint on the mind that "he asked" that lasts FOREVER. Also, the implied pleasure it brings many people shouldn't be laughed at. Is it any wonder most movies and TV shows involving prison are dramas?

Anal sex isn't funny, people. The line of funny is between consent and assault, which means that porn is implicitly hilarious. It's like Lenny Bruce or Bill Hicks.

Hold on....

(Murmurs in background, whispers in editor's ear.)

Oh, you mean anal rape? Fuck, there's tons of funny in that. Especially because it won't happen to me.

(This was actually semi-serious -- why comedic filmmakers make movies about the funny in prison, I'll never know.)

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